Become a Partner

To be listed as a partner on the Homeowners Impact Fund website, we ask for you to commit to the following:
  • Donate a minimum of $500 per year for a three-year commitment
  • Encourage employees and other participants in the real estate closing process to give at least $10 per closing
  • Spread the word about the Homeowners Impact Fund to at least 10 others #HIFsharewith10
  • Donate here.

Our Partners

We are proud to receive support from the following firms and individuals who are helping us combat the national crisis of homelessness.
KEY PARTNER $15,000+


Vicky & Bill Mitchener
Shannon & Greg Rodden



Allen Family Charitable Fund
Jessica & Art Babinski
Marcy Basrawala 
Anne & McSwain Bell
Tom Bramhall
Suzanne Coddington
Brian Crowder
Gabi Culpepper
Sarah Curme
 Lisa & Perrin Dargan  
Sharon Ford
Heather Gibbs
Aubrey & Brandon Grier
Mark & Liz Guthrie
Robin Husney
Kathy Izard  
Page Jacobson
Laina Kafiti
Callie Kelly
Kathy and Lance Lancaster
Jane Lemmond 
Meghan McClure Lluberas  
Anne & Dick Lupo
Jack Marinelli

Lisa McCrossan
Mark McGoldrick
Ashley & Robert McMillan
Michael Murphy
Catharine Pappas
Mason & Walker Pearsall
Peggy Peterson
Timothy & Elizabeth Portland
Jay & Mary Ladd Reagan
Isabel Roberts
Bill & Ashley Rogers
Amy & Jimmy Rountree
Sharon Rountree
Shelly J. Rydell
Sarah Salton
Beth Smith Shuey
Anne Winfield Simmons
Ducie Stark
Carolyn Taylor
Kim Trouten
Melanie Vise
Fan Watson & Virginia Dodd
Matt & Prince Witt

Ashley Ackerman
Jessica Babington
Christina Mauney Bramhall
Suzanne Cowden 
Carol C. Davis
Rachael Dunnavant - URhomeNC
Paul E. Finnen & Associates
Matt Herlocker- Executive Home Lending
Suzy Hubbell
Ellen & Jeff Gibson
Goosehead Insurance
Mike Hege
Rick & Shelly Jones
Mike Kavanaugh
Ellen Kelly
Kensington Capital Advisors
Troy & Ashley Meeks
Fran Miller
Wendy Mills
Jeff Murdock
 Providence Capital Advisors
Lindsay Redfern
Jennifer Saarbach
Lisa & Tim Saunders
The Shoaf Law Firm, P.A.
Missy Stewart
Sarah Szczodrwoski
Marcia & Charles Teal
Sean & Erin Wagner
Tim & Wendy
Lisa Warren
Lynn & Michael Watson
Anne Williams
Genevieve Williams Real Estate

Corporate and Individual
Partnership Giving Levels

Key Partner
Promise Partner
Hope Partner
Possibility Partner
Belief Partner
Security Partner